Using top quality seed and a custom mixture of mulch and fertilizer, EJR’s hydroseeding is known around the area for quality. We pride ourselves on fast delivery and square foot costs that are below the competition. Everyone, from contractors to home owners to garden centers, is going green over the seed mixture.


EJR is equipped to install a new lawn, repair dead spots on existing lawns, and remove an old lawn to start new. From loam to seed to grass, we can ensure you have a lush, green lawn!


EJR uses a top quality seed mix designed for ideal germination of residential, commercial, and municipal applications. Our seed mix consists of 50% Perennial Ryegrass, 20% Kentucky Bluegrass, and 30% Creeping Red Fescue. Two different types of Ryegrass are used in the seed mix to assist in making the seed as drought and insect resistant as possible. This is the ideal mix for sun and shade applications. We pride ourselves on using approximately 370 pounds of seed per acre. 




Ensure a Beautiful Lawn By: 

  Working with EJR to select the proper seed mix
  Applying annual fertilizer applications